Photo of the handwritten minutes of the founding meeting of then-named American-Ukrainian Medical Society in New York, January 22, 1950.
The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) was incorporated as a professional organization in New York City in 1950.

Under the leadership of Roman Osinchuk, MD, post World War II Ukrainian immigrant physicians united in an association of physicians and dentists, sharing the immigrant experience, expanding their educational possibilities, and interacting with colleagues in an exchange of medical knowledge and practice. UMANA members sought representation among their American peers, and a pathway for professional acceptance in their newly adopted country.

UMANA membership began to grow with young men and women seeking opportunities to enter medical fields of education in American and Canadian schools. By 1975 there were 17 Branches of UMANA, 12 in America and 5 in Canada.

1954 - UMANA began publication of a Ukrainian language medical journal Likars'kyj Visnyk or Journal of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (JUMANA). It has been continually published since then, and remains a unique edition of medical writing in the Ukrainian language.
Photo of the original ad appearing in Svoboda newspaper January 19, 1950 announcing the upcoming formational meeting of the medical association.

1955 - UMANA held its first Medical Scientific Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, we have held 41 National Medical Conventions throughout North America, recently convening a successful meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2011.

1995 - UMANA added the English language newsletter UMANA News to enlarge the scope and outreach of the association's work.

Today there are 19 chapters total, with the national headquarters are currently located in Chicago.

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