The UMANA Foundation, the tax-exempt 501-c-3 non-profit scientific and educational arm of UMANA, supports publication initiatives and educational exchange opportunities to promote and expand the level of medical science among the professional Ukrainian community. Gifts to UMANA Foundation are tax-deductible. Donations support the spread of medical knowledge via print and electronic publications, medical journals, scholarships and projects supporting such initiatives.

Organized in 1996 by UMANA, the Foundation has funded various projects expanding healthcare information in the US and Canada as well as Ukraine.

Recent Foundation Activity:

  • Dr Walter and Olga Prokopiw Scholarship Fund for medical students of Ukrainian descent studying medicine in the United States and Canada
  • CPR and First Aid Training course for camp counselors from PLAST, AUYA, and ODUM and others.
  • Medical education projects in Ukraine (conferences, presentations and publications)
  • Likarskyj Visnyk-JUMANA (Journal of the Ukrainian Medical Association)

Scholarship Application

Board of Directors & Committees List

Please click on the link below to see the current officers serving on the Board of Directors of the National office, presidents of respective Chapters, and chairpersons of our acting committees.

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